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Here’s presented a generic list of some commonly asked queries by our customers buying auto parts.  The answers to these questions specially curated to give you a fair insight, if you are being skeptical to buy any particular auto part or want to have knowledge about such parts.


Where Can I Find Used Parts for My Car?

Finding any kind of auto part is extremely easy at Aussin Auto Parts. We strive our best to provide our customers with hassle-free experience of buying auto parts. Hence, we offer appropriate parts at very reasonable price to our clients as per their requirements. Moreover, the search mechanism on our website is designed accurately, enabling you to find desired auto part in seconds.


Is Buying Used Auto Parts a Smart Move to Save Money?

Definitely! Especially when you are in need of an expensive auto part like an engine or catalytic converter, choosing used auto parts can come really handy. This will enable you to save a substantial amount of money. For buying even simple parts, you should go for used parts as they are very cost-effective, reliable, and work as a good alternative for the new parts.


What is a Refurbished Auto Part?

Professionally re-manufactured ‘used auto parts’ are known as refurbished auto parts. These are very professionally rebuilt as per the industry standards and the warranty policies are also eligible for these products too, which means no worries for any defect.


How Many Parts Can I Buy at Once?

At Aussin Auto Parts, you can easily buy more than one auto part, as per your requirement.


What Parts of A Car Can be Recycled?

As per profound estimations, around 75%-80% of a vehicle can be recycled which is then used for the purpose of reselling or reusing. Not only does the recycling process contribute to the strengthening of environmental balance but also enable the vehicle owners to receive good amount in lieu of their vehicle and also get rid of it.


Are Recycled Auto Parts in Demand?

It is estimated that the demand for recycled auto parts is gradually increasing as insurers and consumers are preferring more cost-effective methods to save on some costs. Aussin Auto Parts understands the cost concern of the customers and hence we are the most reliable auto recyclers in Melbourne, ethically selling recycled, used and refurbished auto parts directly to consumers and businesses alike.


How Do Re-manufactured, Refurbished and Rebuilt Auto Parts Are Different From Each Other?

While the terms re-manufactured, refurbished are synonymous to each other in the automotive industry, the term rebuilt refers to those simpler components that are taken from other vehicles for the rebuilding and repairing a defective part in your vehicle.


What are OEM Auto Parts?

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” meaning the auto part is manufactured by the auto maker of your vehicle. In comparison to other parts, OEM parts are especially designed as per the customer’s preference like make and model of the vehicle.


Are ‘After Market Auto Parts’ Good to Use?

‘After market auto parts’ are not observed to be equally effective. However, they are extremely cost-effective. This is because they are refurbished and hence cost less as compared to the newly manufactured parts. So, if you are considering to buy after market auto parts, then choose a trustworthy vendor.


OEM Parts or After Market Parts? Which One is Better?

People those who own new vehicles or vehicles requiring replacement of a critical part should definitely opt for buying new parts in order to ensure durability and efficiency. In cases of buying simpler components, one should go for OEM parts as choosing them over ‘after market parts’ is a smart move.


What Advice Do I Need While Searching For Used Auto Parts?

To ensure a good-quality product, one should question about a used auto part’s warranty, price, and return policy. Knowing about these three categories will enable to make you an educated buying decision. So long as you buy from a reputable retailer like Aussin Auto Parts, you need not worry.


What Do I Do with Old or Defective Auto Parts I No Longer Need?

If you possess defective or obsolete auto parts, you can either donate, recycle them or sell them to a used auto part store or metal recycling center like Aussin Auto Parts. We offer to pay you the best price for used auto parts or scrap metal. For more details you can contact us on 0444 539 659 or 03 9792 4098.


If you still have any query please feel free to contact us by filling the form or contacting us on 0444 539 659 or 03 9792 4098.

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